Steve Roth struggles with the word obscure. "I may be a little off the beaten path but I'm not so far outside the mainstream that I don't work well there. I just have a very distinctive point of view."
Steve refers to himself as "one of those shy, touchy-feely, sensitive, singer-songwriter types" in characteristic, self-deprecating fashion. "With the last name of Roth, people often jokingly ask if I'm related to David Lee. I'm not really into spandex and cockiness so if anything, I'm his polar opposite. He probably wouldn't understand."
Rock and roll with an acoustic, emotional edge is how Roth approaches music. Drawing on a rocky past that includes being brought up in a conservative, Mennonite home, ("My grandfather was actually Amish. However, he liked motorcars and was somewhat of a rebel in his own right"), he admits that "temptation, salvation, desire, despair - the sacred and the profane - are great tools and themes; something I have a lot of experience with." He also insists that vulnerablity is essential to great songwriting. "Loud with a decent melody also helps."
A Buffalo, NY native, Steve independently released the disc beautiful addiction in 2004. It was recorded and produced with Dove Award winning producer/enginner Armand Petri, (Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Sixpence None the Richer, etc.). "It's pretty much naked veins and raw nerves wrapped around an acoustic guitar."
"People like to think that singer-songwriters are a dime-a-dozen but really good ones are a lot rarer than that. Case in point: singer-songwriter Steve Roth...The recording is alternately lush and bare-bones and exhibits Roth's penchant for writing melancholic melodies and joyously upbeat anthems." - Artvoice
Cuts from the album were quickly added to local radio stations. Later that year, he received the"Top Original Acoustic Solo" award at the Buffalo Music Awards.
"Roth, along with Armand John Petri, produced one of the most dynamic CD's of the year. Introspective, insightful and great guitar playing to boot shows why Roth is a winner at this year's Buffalo Music Awards." - Night-Life Magazine